Just Transition In Defence

The Final Report

The FInal Report


I. The Changed Policy Context in 2022

1. Russia’s war in Ukraine: the big game changer.
2. Consequences for military budgets and weapon procurement
3. EU Export of Weapons and Defence Equipment
4. The medium-term and long-term budget effects
5. EU policy initiatives in the defence sector.

II. Structure of the European Defence Industry

1. The global context: ranking EU companies in SIPRI’s Top 100 largest defence companies
2. European Defence sector – general overview.

2.1 Marine Systems
2.2 Aerospace Sector
2.3 Land Systems
2.4 Defence Electronics

III. Conclusion: Future Challenges for the European Defence Industry and Perspectives of Defence Jobs in Europe

1. Ten Take-Aways on the Present Status and Future of the European Defence Industry

2. Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats